Strength and Conditioning Camps

On-Ice/Off-Ice Elite Hockey Development Program

Summer Excellence Camp

Our goal, like those of the athletes we train, is to continue improving our programs, methods and athlete experience. Groups are small, which allow us to give each athlete the attention they deserve both on and off the ice so that each repetition in a drill or exercise is done properly and reaps the maximum benefit.


Junior and College Programs: $1,895

Midget and High School Programs $1,795

Open to Midget, High School, Junior and College Hockey Players

Junior and College Groups

Designed for players currently playing or entering a Junior or College hockey team. This highly strenuous program will push each athlete to their limits both on and off the ice to help them become the best hockey player they can be.

Midget and High School Groups

Designed for players currently playing or entering Midget or High School hockey (’07 ’06 ’05 birth years). This demanding program will push each athlete to become stronger, faster, and more fundamentally sound both in the gym and on the ice.

Squirt & PeeWee (2010-2014 birth years)

June 5 – August 10

Summer Power Skating, Skills, and Off-ice Training

Monday (4:00 – 6:30 PM) & Thursday (5:30 – 8:00pm)

18 Total Skates (no ice 6/22 & 7/3)
Birth Year 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014


Camp will have an off-ice componey where we focus on proper movement mechanics using body weight, PVC pipes, and light dumb bells and kettle bells.  While on the ice, we will warm up with a music skate to focus on skating and getting proper stride patterns.

After that we split into two groups based on age and ability. One group works on power skating while the other works on puck skills (shooting, stickhandling, etc.), then we switch groups to make sure each player is getting the work they need in all areas of the game.

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