The “Magic Pill” for Hockey
Skate faster, shoot harder, score more!!!

There’s a pill my child can take that will improve his/her hockey skills?
If there was, and there were no harmful side effects, would you have them take it?

There is in fact such a pill, and it is truly MAGIC. Not only will it help improve their hockey skills, it is also known to improve study habits, overall grade reports, reduce teen-age sleep disorders, reduce ADD and ADHD, and improve family relationships.

What is this drug called and where can I get it???
You can buy it at your local grocery store! It’s called REAL FOOD.
Huh? What?
That’s right, REAL FOOD. Most of us eat A LOT of processed foods, food that is manufactured with extra sugars and chemical additives, and is usually from genetically modified sources. FAKE FOOD.

REAL FOOD follows 3 simple rules:

RULE #1-It grows up out of the ground.
RULE #2-It grows on trees or bushes.
RULE #3-It (used to) walk, run, swim, or fly.

Let’s take a look at a traditional “healthy” American breakfast:

1 bagel with cream cheese or peanut butter
1 glass of orange juice
1 serving canned mixed fruit

Let’s start with the bagel. Did you pick that fresh off of your bagel tree, or your neighbor’s? Bagels don’t grow on trees you say. Correct. Nor do they grow up out of the ground, nor did they ever walk, run, swim, or fly. Bagels are FAKE food, processed and manufactured with added sugar and preservatives (chemicals). Check the ingredient lists if you don’t believe me!

How about the cream cheese or the peanut butter? FAKE and FAKE. Remember the 3 REAL FOOD Rules! But dairy and nuts have protein you say, isn’t that good for you? Correct again. Cheese is a dairy product (comes from cows), and peanuts are a source of plant protein. But cream cheese spread and peanut butter are highly processed foods, loaded with sugar, non-essential oils, and chemicals. Check the ingredient lists if you don’t believe me!

Okay, okay, but what about the orange juice? That grows on a tree!! Does it? I’ve never seen an orange juice tree, you know-trees with little glasses or cartons of orange juice hanging off of the branches. Oranges grow on trees, orange juice does not. I know, I know, you think I’m being ridiculous and nit-picky about the details. Darn right! The high nutritional value of fruits and vegetables lies in their high fiber content. Take away the fiber and your left with the juice-ALL SUGAR with no fiber to help aid in the digestion of the sugar = FAT STORAGE. To make matters worse, we routinely give our very young children, ages 1-5 years, TONS of juice EVERY DAY. No wonder childhood obesity has reached epidemic levels, and kids are “moody” and “off-the wall”. All those sugar highs and crashes really take their toll. And the dentists tell me they’re seeing more and more 6 and 7 year olds with cavities in all of their teeth….

Canned fruit? While the fruit is an excellent food choice, if it isn’t fresh it’s been sitting in a jar or can in a sugar/syrup solution. UGH! More sugar!
Fresh fruit is definitely more expensive, but worth every penny. Think of it as an investment in your child’s health and well-being.

So what should we eat for breakfast? REAL FOOD-eggs, bacon, fresh fruit, potatoes, brown rice, veggies! If you can get your family to follow this
DON’T EAT IT IF IT’S NOT REAL FOOD plan, in just 1 short month you will notice huge improvements in their health, happiness, and an ability to perform at elite levels-both in sports and school! Don’t believe me? TRY IT!
Take the one-month NO FAKE FOOD challenge!!!
But that’s too hard you say. Yes it is. The things in life with the greatest value usually require the most work. That which comes easily is attainable by all. Becoming a college-level or NHL level hockey player isn’t easy, and it is definitely NOT attainable by all. Might as well get a head start on the hard work of being successful NOW!