Skating is a very specialized form of movement, one that takes years to master. It is a time-intensive, repetition driven form of locomotion that requires thousands of hours to attain an elite status. The treadmill offers players a readily available, accessible means of putting in practice time without having to worry about buying ice at $280/hour. But far more importantly, the players receive one-on-one instruction on stride mechanics and proper technique. With 35 years of coaching experience, USA NTDP Power Skating Coach Carrie Keil trains each player individually, addressing each player’s unique style of skating. In a very short period of time, 1-3 months, players will see a dramatic increase in speed, power, leg strength, and skating efficiency.

How does this occur so quickly?

There are several reasons why dramatic improvements in both speed and power can be made in a short amount of time. The 4 keys to effectiveness of skating treadmill training are:

One-on-one professional coaching. Each player receives constant one-on-one instruction specific to their individual needs, current skill set, and age. Players receive intensive coaching on proper skating stride biomechanics, including proper anatomical alignment and power generation concepts.
Real Time Visual Feedback. Players skate in front of a full-length mirror. This gives the player REAL TIME VISUAL FEEDBACK which allows them to see for themselves the corrections that need to be made. When physical movements can be visually understood, the rate of comprehension is greatly accelerated. Players also exhibit increased MEMORY and RETENTION of what they have learned.

Progressive Curriculum. All-N-Stride utilizes a scientifically proven CURRICULUM for each and every player. First time players are evaluated on their first visit and placed at the appropriate level. The curriculum is progressive in nature, always changing and challenging the player with each new workout. Younger, less advanced players start with lower speeds and elevations which allow the foundational concepts of speed and power to develop. Older, more advanced players encounter higher speeds and elevations which produce the explosive speed required at higher levels of play. The curriculum can accommodate players from Squirt ages through NHL caliber players.

Skating surface friction. The friction on the skating treadmill is much higher than real ice which means that the player has to push MUCH HARDER than on the ice. Because of this, the skating treadmill workouts help build leg strength, increase the cardiovascular fitness of the player, and require the player to develop an understanding of how power is achieved.